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Lemnos is an island of the northern Aegean, between Mount Athos, Samothraki, Imvros and Lesvos.

The main and main port of Lemnos is Myrina, while Moudros is the second largest settlement on the island, the safest natural harbor of Greece and the eastern Mediterranean.

Lemnos is connected to the ports of Kavala, Thessaloniki, Lavrio, Piraeus and most of the Aegean islands.

The airport of the island, Lemnos National Airport "Hephaestus" is one of the largest in the Aegean, with the largest corridor in Greece. It connects with Athens, Thessaloniki, Mytilene, Chios, Ikaria, Samos and Rhodes, as well as several European cities with charter flights in the summers.

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Lemnos has a very good road network from Myrina to most of the island's settlements, beaches and archaeological sites, with itineraries operated by the Interstate Busses Station KTEL. Lemnos. However, for your tours in Limnos, a rental car from Imperial Car Rental will be necessary.

The name Lemnos is ancient and is mentioned by Homer. According to mythology, it is the island of the god Hephaestus, to which the development of metallurgy was attributed by the oldest inhabitants of the island.

Archaeological finds indicate that the island is inhabited since the Middle Neolithic Age.

Her most prehistoric settlement, Poliochni, was founded in the 4th millennium BC. and evolved into a fortified state, the oldest in Europe, with a bourgeois structure and an important civilization, with the first democratic parliamentary chamber.

Lemnos was once inhabited by Sinti, Carians, Cretes, Mines and Pelasgians. It is then occupied by the Persians, Spartans, Macedonians and Romans. The Byzantines define the island for more than a thousand years, the 13th century is given to the Venetians, at the end of the 15th century it passes through the Ottomans and is liberated in 1912 by Admiral Kountourioti.

Explore Lemnos with the rental car of Imperial Car Rental, starting from Myrina.

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Its two settlements, Romanic Yialos and Turkish Yalos, run through labyrinthine cobbled streets with neoclassical cafes and 19th-century urban granite mansions. In the center of Myrina dominates Myrina Castle, the largest fortification of the Aegean Sea and a major attraction, with deer living freely in it.

With the comfort of the car rental Imperial Car Rental, visit the most important archaeological sites such as the sanctuary of Artemis in Myrina, Prehistoric Myrina, Poliochni in the Broscoop bay, Hephaestus with the ancient theater, Kaverios or the sanctuary of Kavers, the cave of Filoktitis.

It is worth visiting some of the more than 40 villages and settlements of Lemnos, such as Kontopouli, Romanos, magnificent Kontias, Katalakos, Mantra, with beautiful traditional houses, authentic stone masterpieces, where you can see the incredible features of stunning stunning techniques.

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With Imperial Car Rental you can visit places of unique beauty, such as the golden dunes near Gomati beach, an unreal landscape and an extremely rare phenomenon, between the sea and the inland, as well as the unique natural beauty of the wetland in Kontopouli, formed by the salt ponds of Aliki , Hortarolimni, Asprolimni, an impressive scenery and a unique ecosystem.

Swim in the wonderful beaches of Romakos Gialos, Rhya Nera and Avlonas in Myrina, Plati and Thanos, with their picturesque settlements, volcanic rocks and turquoise waters, in Nea Koutali, the picturesque village of sponge divers, Agios Ioannis, Gomati Nevgati or Zemata, in Fanaraki Moudrou, which is a refuge for the Monk Monks Monk, in Keros, Kokkina, Chavouli, Nefthina, as well as the beaches of Agios Ermolaos, Kotsinas and Plaka, while the deserted beach of Parthennomitos is of particular beauty.

Lemnos is an island that will charm you by revealing its magic and its unique beauty, exploring it with the comfort of the Imperial Car Rental.

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